KLAA College Football Mid-Week Preview November 10, 2019
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for Harvey Hyde's 2019 Football Season Radio Schedule
Coach Harvey Hyde's 2019 Preseason College Football Poll:

01) Clemson-ACC
02) Georgia-SEC
03) Alabama-SEC
05) Oklahoma-Big12
06) Ohio State-Big10
07) Michigan-Big10
08) Texas-Big12
09) Notre Dame-Indep.
10) Florida-SEC
11) Oregon-Pac12
12) Utah-Pac12

Harvey Hyde joins KLAA 830 AM radio as host of “College Football Mid-Week Preview” originating from the studios of AM 830 KLAA. The show runs through the College Football Bowl Season focusing on USC, UCLA, the Pac12 Conference and the College Football Playoff selection committee process.

Listen to College Football Mid-Week Preview, November 10, 2019